December 2, 2015

Campus Composting


The Campus Compost Program is offered by a partnership of Facilities Management, Office of Sustainability, and the Green Campus Project. Compost is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to divert waste from the landfill. When composted, food and paper are converted to nutrient,rich soil in three months or less rather than sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years before breaking down. Composting costs the UW-Platteville campus an average of $56/ton while landfill waste costs an average of $168/ton.

Participants in this program receive the following:
In order to participate, each building must assign one or two local contacts responsible for:
What can you compost?


Anyone is invited to drop off their personal compost in the public compost bin located between McGregor and Royce Halls in the Edible Campus Garden (managed by Green Campus Project). If you do use this compost bin, please place your compost in the furthest left bin. As the compost ages, it will be transferred to the bins to the right. Because this bin is relatively small and thus will not reach very high composting heat, we ask that you limit your compost to plant-based materials only (this will help reduce unwanted bacteria). For those that have your own backyard, setting up a compost system at home can be quite easy. Here is some information on how to do it.

Compost bin